Can be completed in full online and/or in-person on the Sunshine Coast

Mindful Yoga 30-Day Immersion

with Erin Lee

Deepen your mindful yoga & spiritual practice, and discover how to apply your learnings to benefit your own professional & personal life - and then show others how they can do it too.

Join the next intake starting January 4th 2021

Includes 2 x Mindful Yoga Retreat Days!

(in-person at Chenrezig Institute, Sunshine Coast or live-streamed to you)

We're going through a time in our lives where we’re being shown something different from the norm.

With all the uncertainty, chaos, anger and distortion in the world right now, what we need as a humanity is a new collective consciousness that moves the world in the right direction. 

We’re awakening to what’s not serving us, while at the same time opening up to other possibilities of what will serve the planet.

You might find yourself asking:

  • Is my chosen career-path still the right one for me? 
  • What habits are playing out in my relationships with others in life that aren’t serving me anymore?  
  • How can I avoid returning to the busy-norm, and instead move forward with life, and contribute to the world, in a richer and more meaningful way?
  • What’s the missing piece?

The world needs more people right now to step up to their highest spiritual self, and to become leaders of peace in the world - in a very intentional and purposeful way.

Yoga, mindfulness and meditation will pave the way for world peace.

This 30-day program is about unveiling your own truth, and demonstrating to others how they can do it too...


Right now is a time to Know that you desire to be part of, and lead the way for, peace on the planet, acknowledge any self-doubt and fears that you might have about it, and then choose a path that serves something greater anyway.

  • You’re ready to step up as a leader of your own life
  • You’re prepared to say, ‘Yes! I’m willing to be a demonstrator of peace and compassion, and I’m willing to go first.’
  • You’re a person who is prepared to do the inner work and self-transformation required, to pave the way for others

I’m looking for a revolution of yogis who are ready to embody and enact what a yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice is really all about, through this transformational 30-day immersion program.

You’ll then have the optional opportunity to take this work formally to the world through continuing onto a variety of accredited teacher training programs in yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

30-Day Mindful Yoga Immersion Outline

1. Deepen your understanding of mindfulness and how it can improve your own yoga practice, professional & personal life

2. Explore 12 foundational asanas (postures) that form part of a Mindful Yoga sequence, and learn how they can bring more meaning to your life off the yoga mat

3. Discover how your present-day posture is affecting your yoga practice AND how you operate in everyday life (and learn how to improve things moving forward)

4. Learn how to modify and enhance your own personal yoga practice, specific to what’s going on in your body and personal circumstances right now

5. A deeper, embodied knowledge and understanding to take your own yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice to the next level

6. Learn skills that will compliment and enhance whatever your current profession is now, that you can apply straight away

7. Lifetime strategies for returning to your authentic self again and again, no matter what changes happen around you in relationships, business, career, health, finances, etc.

8. Confidence and certainty about whether you want to take the next step in becoming a fully accredited yoga, mindfulness and/or meditation teacher*

9. Certificate of Completion from The Mindful Yoga School!

Mindful Yoga is Like a Moving Meditation

As we consciously practice our physical postures on the yoga mat, we also cultivate kind movement of the mind and heart. In this way, we come to know our true own true nature - our authentic self again. Then, we can embody this essence in and presence, so it becomes our natural way of being in everyday life again. 

This is more than just a physical yoga practice. This is connecting in with that inner knowing and taking steps to walk your own line of truth again.

How you practice one thing is how you’ll do everything!

This will be in full alignment for your if:

You’ve got a desire to bring yoga into your life more; OR

You want to deepen your existing understanding of yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and enhance your own spiritual practice, all while learning some practical skills that you can then integrate in all the roles in your life (personally and professionally); OR

You might have thought about doing a yoga teacher training program or more mindfulness and meditation training, but you’re not quite sure it’s for you or that you want to make that commitment yet; OR

Perhaps you’re already a yoga teacher, and you’d like to deepen your teaching experience and bring more of the mindfulness and spiritual teachings to your yoga classes.

Meet Erin

Founder of The Mindful Yoga School, and your 30-Day Immersion teacher

Living with a compassionate and curious presence, and then bringing that being into everything we do - THIS is what I'm passionate about.

My own life has taken many twists and turns, yet with a mindful yoga practice of 20+ years has meant that I have always managed to return to emotional balance, authenticity and certainty.  Returned to my true nature, that's connected to something much greater than just me anyway.

What I’ve observed about other conscious leaders is that they embody presence. They embody a meaningful  intention. It’s not just something that they’re great at talking about and teaching - it’s what they do; it’s who they are - even in the face of their own inner doubts and insecurities, challenging pasts and adversities. This is true courage, this is living with true spirit - this is soul-full living.

They know what their core values are in life and what the change is that they want to see in the world, and they become a demonstration of that so that others can do it too. 

This is one of the key foundational teachings of this 30-Day Mindful Yoga Immersion.

About the 2 x included Yoga Retreat Days

Can be attended in full online via Zoom, or in-person at Chenrezig Institute, Sunshine Coast (Queensland)

Retreat Day 1 -  Friday 8th January 2021, 11am - 5pm 

Retreat Day 2 - Friday 29th January 2021, 11am - 5pm

The retreat days include yoga, mindfulness and meditation practices on AND off the yoga mat. This is YOUR time to switch off from the daily distractions, reconnect to your loving-kind self and recharge. Morning tea and all day tea/coffee/snacks included.

The 30-Day Process

  • We'll meet online together weekly (Mondays)
  • You'll receive daily support and full resources to maintain a consistent mindful yoga practice.
  • Get a taste of what is next possible for you in the realm of yoga, mindfulness and meditation. 
  • Learn how to make your current practice meaningful for the other 23 hours of your day.
  • Increase self-awareness so you can feel more in control of how you operate in life 
  • Get great at decision making (great for business and for choosing your own soul-led life outcomes)
  • Increase calm, sense of purpose and build resilience to life’s ever-changing conditions
  • Enhanced understanding of the fundamentals of yoga, mindfulness and meditation
  • Gather some practical tools and skill that you’ll be able to instantly apply in your current professional role and personal life, for more meaningful connection, improved relationships and a better way of doing business
  • Dip your toes into what it would be like to undertake fully certified Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training programs
  • Whether or not you end up making this your future career pathway, the month-long experience will give you a deeper insight into what your soul is really calling out for - in all areas of your life.
  • You get 2 x Mindful Yoga Retreat Days included!

Mindful Yoga 30-Day Immersion starts Monday 4th January 2021


Includes 2 x day retreats plus unlimited online mindful yoga!

  • Weekly live video call trainings on Mondays with Erin (all recorded to replay-watch later if needed)
  • Compassionate accountability to experience the massive benefits of a consistent 30-day practice
  • Be guided on how to use your unlimited access to online mindful yoga videos, meditation audios and mindfulness training via Erin's Happiness Online
  • UNLIMITED Facebook group support across the 30-days
  • BONUS! Two mindful yoga day retreats (attend online or in person on Sunshine Coast)
YES! I'm in!

It starts with you, and then you’ll learn how to support others to do it too.

Let's get you on your way to becoming part of the new revolution of yogis who are ready to embody and enact what a yoga, mindfulness and meditation practice is really all about - so that you can demonstrate to the world around you how to do it too.