Meditation & Mindfulness
Teacher Training 

Enhance your own personal meditation and mindfulness practice, and learn how to introduce others to meditation and mindfulness too through this 110hr program.

Starts November 5th - enrol now!
Sunshine Coast (in-person hours) and online/at-home study & practice.

The prerequisite for this Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training course is that you’ll have had personal experience practicing meditation, and have experienced benefit.

This puts you in good stead for immersing deeper into the whats, whys wheres and hows of meditation and mindfulness, AND is a great start to begin to learn how to share these incredible healing modalities with others too.

This three month, part-time program consists of both in-person contact learning hours (Sunshine Coast), recorded training, and live online training with program facilitators and group participants. 

The Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training (110hr) program is suitable for you if you wish to:

  • Complement and enhance your existing offerings/role, particularly in the health & wellness and human services space, with mindfulness and meditation theory, practices and activities.
  • Deepen your own personal understanding of meditation and mindfulness, and establish a consistent practice (and reap the consistent benefits)
  • Enhance your relationships around you, and improve the relationship you have with yourself as you move through life
  • Create a rewarding career pathway as a registered Meditation Teacher

Training Modules

The training program has been designed to meet meditation teaching accreditation standards in full, plus more!

Meditation Styles, Theory & Techniques

Discover different styles of meditation (main focus on Mindfulness Meditation), including their historical roots, philosophy, intended effects and potential implications. 

Mindfulness Meditation

A deep dive into Mindfulness Meditation (the main style taught in this program). Learn vocabulary and how to present it in easily understood terms for a variety of audiences.

Teach Meditation

Learn how to effectively deliver a four week introductory meditation program, that you'll be certified to teach outright, or incorporate the teachings into your existing role/offerings.

Teach Mindfulness 

Learn how to effectively deliver a four week introductory Mindfulness program that you'll be certified to teach, to share wth others how to integrate its application and benefits into everyday life.

Group Mentoring & Practice Teaching

Learn and practice structuring group and individual meditation and mindfulness sessions, with full support and mentoring, so that you have the confidence upon certification to share it with others.

Physiology, Psychology & Neuroscience 

Intro to brain functioning, attention training and impact of meditation on behaviour and cognitive functions, including therapeutic aspects on stress, trauma, pain, illness and more.

Develop a new relationship with thoughts & emotions

Explore the theory and practice a range of everyday mindfulness and mindfulness meditation techniques that support a healthy relationship to your own thoughts and emotions.

Ethics and Holding Space for Others

Come to understand and have confidence in your role as a meditation and mindfulness teacher with regards to professional boundaries, confidentiality, legalities, and how to build an effective referral, client and community network.

What You Get

  • 110 hours of comprehensive meditation teacher training
  • A Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training manual that you'll be using for many years to come (personally and/or professionally)  
  • Two x Three-Day Training Weekends on Chambers Island (Maroochydore)
  • One-day Silent Retreat at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute (Eudlo) 
  • The training, tools and resources to effectively deliver a 4-Week Introduction to Meditation program and a 4-Week Integrating Mindfulness Into Everyday Life program
  • Course required reading text book included
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training Hub access (online) with video training, access to all presentation slides, meditation audios, and other complementary training for the duration of the 3-month training program...and beyond!
  • Option to self-pace the at-home study option beyond the three-month program (with approval).

Training Dates & Times:

Part-time over three months (65 contact hours, 45 at-home study/practice hours)


Fri 5th - Sun 7th Nov 2021 (Chambers Island, Maroochydore, Fri 1 - 5pm, Sat & Sun 8am - 5pm)

Sunday 12th Dec 2021 8am-5pm (Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, Eudlo)

Fri 4th - Sun 6th Feb 2022
 (Chambers Island, Maroochydore, Fri 1 - 5pm, Sat & Sun 8am - 5pm)

Live Online Training Sessions (Zoom)
Wednesdays fortnightly 530pm-715pm

24th Nov
8th Dec
22nd Dec
5th Jan
19th Jan
2nd Feb

with full support from The Mindful Yoga School.

Note: accommodation and catering is not included in the in-person contact hours.

Your Trainers

Erin Lee

Lead Trainer, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training (110hr) program

Erin is the Founder of The Mindful Yoga School and Resident Yoga/Meditation Teacher at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute.

With a personal practice of  23+ years in mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and almost a decade of dedicated teaching, Erin Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to this program. 

Having experienced the healing benefits of meditation and mindfulness for herself as she navigated challenging life events, Erin has since gone on to train in Mindfulness, Mindfulness Meditation, Cultivating Emotional Balance, Buddhist practices and various styles of yoga (specialising in Mindful Yoga).

She leads residential mindfulness and meditation retreats, meditation, mindfulness and yoga teacher training programs, classes, workshops and corporate training programs supporting people to transition toward a more connected, harmonious and meaningful experience of life.

Also featuring Specialist Trainers:

Cass Dunn

Clinical and Coaching Psychologist & Mindfulness Meditation Teacher (MPsyc (Clinical), MSc (Coach Psyc))

Psychologist Cass Dunn joins this program to deliver insights into the impact of meditation on behaviour and cognitive functions. 

Cass has practiced meditation and mindfulness for almost 20 years and is a trained facilitator of the world-renowned Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy. As a therapist and coach, she has helped thousands of people to experience relief from stress, anxiety, depression and pain, and will be sharing the specifics of exactly how meditation and mindfulness can improve your physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing.

She is well known for her Crappy to Happy podcast, which has consistently ranked at the top of Health & Wellbeing podcasts on Apple Podcasts since it launched, and for her bestselling Crappy to Happy books (number 3 recently released - it's awesome).

(more Specialist Trainers being announced soon!)

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