Join us for the Big Intentions KINDNESS yoga-live music tour: Sunshine Coast, Hervey Bay, Perth, more TBA soon! >

The Mindful Yoga School

Deepen your own presence through yoga, mindfulness and meditation... then show others how to do it too.

Be guided through Seven Days of Sankalpa here (free)

This Sunshine Coast (Australia) based yoga, mindfulness and meditation training centre is on a mission to support you to live with authentic presence and purpose, courage and compassion. In this way you become a demonstration for others to live to their true potential too. With core programs led by Founder Erin Lee, including Yoga Teacher Training and Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher Training PLUS weekly yoga classes, immersion programs, retreats, and collaborative events that support community connection and wellbeing.

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Big Intentions Yoga-Live Music KINDNESS Tour

Sunshine Coast, Sun 21st July
Hervey Bay,
Fri 30th August
Perth and other locations & dates TBA soon! 


Yoga & Meditation Retreat Day

Sunshine Coast, Friday 19th July 2024

Gift yourself a whole day of gentle mindful yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices, to cultivate more peace and clarity in your life.


Women's Mindful Yoga Retreat, Byron Bay

Byron Bay
Fri 18th - Wed 23rd October 2024 

Nurturing, restoring, supportive and revitalising...this is the experience you are gifting yourself with this very special 5-night retreat.


Yoga Teacher Training 200hr

Now enrolling for 2025!  
Make a start anytime from now, with at-home study/practice. Deepen your yoga & spiritual practice, bring massive and meaningful benefit to your own professional & personal life...and get accredited to teach others how they can do it too. 



The Little Book of Big Intentions 

Designed for everyday yoga and spiritual guidance AND a handy resource for yoga teachers!

Erin Lee, Founder of The Mindful Yoga School, brings you this gorgeous book full of inspirational writings, quotes, yoga pose illustrations and step-by-step instructions for physical alignment, supporting you EMBODY meaningful intentions such as Peace, Love, Gratitude, Acceptance, Wisdom, Compassion, Trust and more. Loved by yoga practitioners as well as any BODY wanting to deepen their spiritual practice and soul growth.


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