Treat yourself to a day of relaxation, space, connection and inspiration!

Mindful Yoga Retreat Day

with Erin Lee 

@ Chenrezig Institute, Sunshine Coast

This Mindful Yoga Retreat Day is about deepening your PRESENCE and returning to balance and harmony. Immerse yourself in mindful yoga/movement, mindfulness practices and meditation. PLUS! ... special guest musician Damien Campbell!

New date just announced! Friday 3rd September

 Friday 3rd September

Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, Sunshine Coast

11am - 5pm
Option to make a fuller day of it and attend Erin's regular weekly 9am-10am class at the same venue (with a break from 10am-11am)


Includes all of this!

  • Mindful yoga sessions
  • Mindfulness meditation & activities
  • Big Cafe lunch (yes, included! A super delicious and nutritious vegetarian lunch)
  • Feature restorative, breath work and meditation session backed with the incredible handpan sounds of Damien Campbell!
  • Time appreciating nature again - what's around you AND your own loving-kind, buddha nature
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Suitable for beginners to advanced, and all fitness levels, and particularly suited to anyone looking to deepen their yoga practice, mindfulness and essence of presence in life.

The Location

Your retreat day begins with the beautiful drive through the country roads of Eudlo, and upon entry to Chenrezig Buddhist Institute. This retreat and study centre was stablished in 1974, being among the first Tibetan Buddhist centres in the Western World, and remaining one of the largest. 
Big thinking has been a big part of Chenrezig Institute from the very beginning. At the Wellbeing Centre we are adopting an attitude of universal responsibility to care for everyone, not just Buddhists but all sentient beings. Lama Zopa Rinpoche calls this the “Bodhisattva Attitude”.
The Institute is home to a Tibetan teacher, a large number of nuns and monks, and a thriving community of students, volunteers and guests. 

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Meet Erin Lee

Living with compassion and presence requires that we have courageous intention. During this retreat day, Erin invites you to move your body, breath and mind in a kind and very intentional way. Be guided along a journey of awareness raising, heart-opening and emotional balancing, to support you to live and breathe with more connection, lightness and freedom in everyday life.

Erin is the Founder of The Mindful Yoga School, a yoga, mindfulness and meditation training centre. Her former career as a marine scientist can be felt like a thread through her teachings, with the ways of nature weaving through all our humanness. She is renowned for her nurturing and caring way that creates the calm required to look a little deeper than just our surface appearances, getting to the heart of what’s in true alignment for us amongst these changing times.

special guest...

Damien Campbell 

He's one of the most passionate percussionists you'll ever meet, and he's joining us at this retreat day to deliver a sound immersion for us! 

'Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life...'

BKS Iyengar

These retreat days sell out fast! 

Register now to attend the FRIDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER Mindful Yoga Retreat Day



  • Mindful yoga and meditation sessions
  • Mindfulness activities
  • Lunch at the Big Love Cafe
  • Sounds by Damien Campbell on handpan
  • Time enjoying nature at the incredible Chenrezig Buddhist Institute

Recharge, reconnect

Let me know HERE if you have any questions about these Mindful Yoga Retreat Days. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Big love,

Erin Lee
Founder, The Mindful Yoga School

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