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Yoga Teacher Training 

Deepen your yoga & spiritual practice, bring massive and meaningful benefit to your own professional & personal life...and get accredited to teach others how they can do it too! 

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Being a yoga teacher trained through The Mindful Yoga School means that you’ll be guided to embody and teach PRESENCE.

Mindful Yoga places an emphasis on incorporating mindfulness philosophy throughout the physical yoga class (asanas) and meditation. The sequencing of a Mindful Yoga class can incorporate aspects of many various yoga styles including power, vinyassa, hatha, yin and restorative. 

Mindful Yoga is about presence through both movement AND stillness, and into consciousness - of body, speech, mind and heart. Mindfulness is a way to live on purpose with kindness. Meditation helps us to cultivate meaningful qualities and create a more balanced, peaceful and inspired life.

This is soul-full living 🙌

This Mindful Yoga training program is taught part time (in-person/online contact hours are on average one weekend a month over six months, with at-home study/practice in between), and includes a powerful opening immersion retreat held on the Sunshine Coast in May 2021, which can also be attended virtually.

During the teacher training, you'll be supported to unveil your own true authentic self, and then encouraged to teach from this space. 

Expand Your Presence

An opportunity to immerse yourself into the healing and soul-fulfilling modality of yoga, to bring more presence and purpose into everything else that you do in life. Many undertake this program solely for their own personal development rather than to officially teach. 

Make a Difference

A yoga teacher holds space for others to come to their own deep self-realisations. This is an incredible way to have an impact on the lives of others, at a very deep level. Whether you choose to do this program for your own personal development, or you have intentions to create a thriving yoga business afterwards, you'll be contributing to a better world.

Unveil Your Truth

Learn to teach yoga with true authenticity, certainty and confidence. Be supported to take a journey of the self, through the self, to the self - a powerful place to have a real impact on the world around you, and extract clarity on your own deepest values and truths. 

What You Get

  • 200 hours of comprehensive yoga teacher training
  • Accredited qualification to teach anywhere in the world
  • The Mindful Yoga School teacher training manuals and supporting information provided, that you’ll be using as personal and teaching resources for years to come
  • Opening Immersion Retreat INCLUDED, including accommodation and catering at Chenrezig Buddhist Institute, Sunshine Coast, Queensland - alternatives available for those unable to make the retreat in-person due to travel restrictions.
  • Yoga Teacher Training Hub access (online) with video training, access to all presentation slides, yoga videos, meditation audios, and other complementary training for the 6-months program...and beyond!
  • Option to self-pace the at-home study option beyond the six-month program.

You don't have to be flexible or at a certain level of fitness to join this training program.

You just need to have a willingness to learn more, an open mind and heart, and a Knowing that this feels right for you.

You will be well-cared for and supported to work within the limits of any pre-existing injuries, ailments and fitness levels.

Training Dates:

Part-time in-person or virtual across 6 months

27 - 30 May 2021: Opening Immersion Retreat, includes accom & catering at Chenrezig Institute, Sunshine Coast 

26 - 27 June 8am - 5pm daily 

31 July - 1 Aug 8am - 5pm daily

4 - 5 Sept 8am - 5pm daily

9 - 10 Oct 8am - 5pm daily

13 - 14 Nov 8am - 5pm daily

Plus at-home study/online/yoga practice requirements in between with FULL support from The Mindful Yoga School.

Option to stay overnight at Chenrezig during training weekends, at trainees own cost (note: retreat accommodation  & catering included in yoga teacher training).

Training Modules

The training program has been designed to meet international yoga industry accreditation standards in full, plus more!

History & Philosophy

Learn about the roots of yoga, and why 5,000 years on these spiritual teachings are still so relevant to humankind. Come to know why the practice of yoga is more about who we are and what we do OFF the mat, and then why a consistent practice on the mat remains important.


Discover how to weave the philosophy of mindfulness throughout your yoga practice, and learn how it can bring about a much more expansive, abundant and resilient experience of life - for you and future students. 

Business of Yoga

With a new level of focus on resilience, and health and wellbeing around the world, yoga is an incredible industry to be getting into. Learn how to build a profile, grow a community, and remain ethical whilst profitable in moving forward as a yoga teacher. 

Chakras, Ayurveda. Pre+Post Natal, Sacred Sound

Participate in a broad range of included, supporting electives that will expand your holistic knowledge of yoga, and enable you to draw on to support the different ways people show up - physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally.

Yoga Class Log & Practice Teaching

Learn how to effectively journal and log your own yoga class attendance and observations to advance your skills as a teacher, and be supported to practice teaching in a safe, non-judgemental, and encouraging environment.

Dialogue, Sanskrit and Delivery

Discover the craft of effectively sequencing and cueing yoga poses, that encourages safe alignment, conscious movement of the body, and passage of the breath. Learn how to create and hold a space for students and manage classes for a variety of students.

Embodying Intention

Living with purpose and in alignment with your authentic self is the pathway to a soul-full experience of life. Learn how to do this, and then how to become a demonstration for others in your life to do the same.

Your Trainers

This is a world-class crew working together to bring you an incredible yoga teacher training experience!

Erin Lee

Lead Trainer for Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training Program, and Founder, The Mindful Yoga School

With a personal practice of  23+ years in yoga, mindfulness and meditation, and almost a decade of dedicated teaching, Erin Lee brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to support you to become an incredible yoga teacher, with full heart-open support to share your own gifts with the world through yoga.

Danielle Mondahl

Pre and Post Natal, Sanskrit and Ayurveda Specialist Trainer, and more!

Discover how to support mums-to-be and new mums to get the most out of their yoga practice. Plus, Dani makes learning Sanskrit FUN, and has a passion for teaching you more about Ayurveda, yoga's sister-science, and how this will compliment your yoga practice and that of your future clients.  

Ellie Hurlock

Anatomy & Physiology Specialist Trainer

Ellie is an exceptional physiotherapist with over 15-years experience. The fact that she's also a qualified Yoga and Pilates teacher means that she's able to tailor her teachings specifically to yoga poses and the way we move in our asana practice. She also specialises in women’s health and pelvic floor rehab.

Bree Naomee

Yin Yoga, Asana Specialist Trainer and more!

Bree has been holding yoga teacher training workshops and retreats and has run her own yoga studios for many years now, and comes with a passion for mindfulness, yin yoga, traditional Chinese medicine and Zenthai Shiatsu. She loves sharing all things yoga and has loads of teaching and training experience under her belt to support you during this program.

Adam Sellars

Breathwork and Meditation Specialist Trainer

Director of 'The Pressure Project and Australian Freediving representative and one of the deepest divers in the world (holding his breath for 5:30mins!), Adam will be contributing to the Breath Work, Mindfulness and Meditation modules of this program, sharing his lessons from the deep including skills and techniques to manage the nervous system.


An RYS® 200 yoga teacher training program

This is an internationally accredited program that allows you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher and get recognised as a yoga teacher from anywhere in the world!



All inclusive - part-time over six months (with option to extend at-home study components)

Easy Payment Plan


Just a $900 deposit now to secure your spot, remainder payable by end of 2021

  • Cash flow friendly payment option
  • 200 hours of comprehensive yoga teacher training delivered by world-class team of trainers
  • Accredited qualification
  • Teacher training manual that will last a lifetime (value: $1000's)
  • Opening Immersion Retreat included (value: $750)
  • Your own Yoga Teacher Training online hub with yoga videos, meditation audios, and supportive training and resources  
  • Essential text books ($150)
  • Option to extend the program by to complete the at-home study/practice requirements (by three months)

Pay Upfront & Save


Save $200 with upfront payment

  • 200 hours of comprehensive yoga teacher training delivered by world-class team of trainers
  • Accredited qualification
  • Teacher training manual that will last a lifetime (value: $1000+)
  • Opening Immersion Retreat included (value: $700+)
  • Experienced, inspirational & supportive trainers
  • Your own Yoga Teacher Training online hub with yoga videos, meditation audios, and supportive training and resources
  • Essential text books ($150)
  • Option to extend the program by to complete the at-home study/practice requirements (by three months)

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